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Mauna Honua: Culture Center Above The Clouds Hawaii (CCATCH)


9,000ft up Mauna Kea, Hawai`i. West of Hale Pohaku.

Mauna Honua - Culture Center Above The Clouds Hawaii (CCATCH)

Nestled majestically against Mauna Kea, the proposed project of Mauna Honua - Culture Center Above The Clouds Hawaii (CCATCH) stands as a beacon of heritage, knowledge, and inspiration. This visionary project is a testament to the spirit of Hawaiian culture, a place where grammar school children and learners of all ages come together to embark on a transformative journey through history, science, and leadership.

Unveiling the Legacy of Ancestral Prowess:
CCATCH is a visionary initiative that draws upon the rich tapestry of Hawaiian history, celebrating the audacious journeys undertaken by ancestors who traversed the vast expanse of the ocean, guided solely by the stars. By immersing visitors in the stories of these daring seafarers, CCATCH fosters a profound sense of pride, cultivating an unwavering connection to heritage and encouraging a lifelong pursuit of leadership.

A Cultural Citadel Above the Clouds:
CCATCH's physical presence mirrors the grandeur of its mission. The architectural masterpiece seamlessly blends into the breathtaking landscape of Mauna Kea, paying homage to the history, artistry, and spirituality of Hawaii. Every detail has been thoughtfully designed to create an immersive environment that evokes a sense of awe and respect for the past, present, and future.

Elevating Minds Through Multidisciplinary Learning:
CCATCH serves as an educational sanctuary, where the boundless possibilities of learning converge. It hosts a diverse array of interactive exhibits and workshops, inviting young minds to delve into the realms of culture, science, history, astronomy, sailing, and leadership. Through hands-on experiences, visitors connect with the knowledge of their ancestors and gain an appreciation for their place in the world around them.

Shaping Leaders, Uplifting Futures:
A core objective of CCATCH is to embolden children with the transformative power of leadership. By engaging them with stories of resilience, innovation, and determination, CCATCH counteracts the notion of victim mentality, nurturing a generation of proactive individuals who are empowered to shape their destinies and uplift their communities.

Inspiring a Harmonious Future:
As visitors ascend the mountain to CCATCH, they leave behind the distractions of everyday life and ascend to a higher plane of understanding. The center's ethereal location serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness between the land, the cosmos, and humanity. By fostering a deep respect for nature and nurturing an understanding of the cosmos, CCATCH cultivates stewards of both the environment and the world at large.

A Place of Unity and Renewal:
CCATCH is more than a center; it is a haven where generations converge to celebrate heritage, foster leadership, and bask in the beauty of the Hawaiian narrative. It is a place where the past guides the present and propels the future, where children learn to navigate the seas of life with confidence and purpose.

Join us on this remarkable journey as we forge a brighter path for our children, instilling in them the values of courage, curiosity, and leadership that lie at the heart of Mauna Honua - Culture Center Above The Clouds Hawaii.

Together, we rise above the clouds to shape a future that honors the past, embraces the present, and charts a course toward a legacy of leadership and cultural celebration.

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