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Modern Day Ahupua`a

Project Summary: Modern Day Ahupua'a - A Symphony of Tradition, Innovation, and Sustainability

Step into the vibrant world of the "Modern Day Ahupua'a" project, an extraordinary venture by the Keoki and Malia Organization, where ancient wisdom dances with cutting-edge innovation to address Hawaii's imminent food sustainability challenges. Guided by the enduring practices of ancestral Hawaiians who thrived on these lands, our project reimagines the ahupua'a concept, blending it with modern brilliance to illuminate a path towards a flourishing tomorrow.

Encompassing a serene 160-acre expanse adorned by two natural springs, the Modern Day Ahupua'a project envisions the revival of an ageless land management system. Merging timeless traditions with pioneering science and technology, we are nurturing a self-sustaining ecosystem, harmoniously aligned with the spirit of native Hawaiian sustainability.

Our foundation is rooted in the spirit of reciprocity, transcending transactionalism, and embracing the core tenets of the ahupua'a philosophy. Guided by the wisdom of our ancestors, we foster a symbiotic connection among the land, community, and environment. We cultivate a diverse range of ancestral cultivars, including kalo (taro), ulu (breadfruit), maile (a fragrant vine), kukui nut (candlenut), alongside meticulously curated fish ponds. Yet, this endeavor isn't bound by nostalgia alone. The Modern Day Ahupua'a flourishes through the fusion of traditional practices and contemporary techniques such as hydroponics, aquaponics, and aeroponics.

In our commitment to holistic sustainability, we generate electricity from a neighboring stream, demonstrating our reverence for the environment that nurtures us.

Further fortifying food security, we cultivate a cornucopia of fruits and vegetables, embracing diversity to ensure a robust and reliable food supply. This multi-pronged approach underscores our pledge to nourish both the land and its inhabitants in tandem.

The Modern Day Ahupua'a project crafts a legacy that transcends generations, intertwining heritage with innovation. Together, we rekindle the spirit of the past, infusing it with the boundless potential of tomorrow. Join us on this transformative journey, as we honor tradition, harness modernity, and craft a legacy of sustainability for Keoki, Malia, and generations to come. With the land as our guide, we illuminate a path to a resilient, self-sustaining, and harmonious future for Hawaii and its cherished people.

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