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Building a
Sustainable Future
for Keoki and Malia

Committed to a Better Hawai`i

Keoki and Malia

At Keoki and Malia, we are on a mission to make the future a better place for children. Inspired by the beauty and spirit of Hawai'i, we believe in creating positive change today that will shape a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow for Keoki and Malia – the collective embodiment of the children of Hawai'i.

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Why Keoki and Malia?

In the spirit of Hawai'i's rich cultural heritage, we choose to address the children collectively as Keoki and Malia, Hawaiian names that symbolize the essence of our mission. Keoki, meaning "George" in Hawaiian, represents strength, leadership, and unity. Malia, which means "calm and peaceful" in Hawaiian, embodies the hope for a peaceful and harmonious future.

Our Commitment

We are committed to taking action today to positively impact the lives of Keoki and Malia. Through various initiatives and collaborations, we aim to address critical issues affecting children in Hawai'i, including education, health, sustainability, and community engagement.

Our Partners

We Believe in Long-Term Partnerships

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