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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a stronger future for today's keiki (we collectively refer to them as Keoki and Malia). We want to make changes now so they'll live better lives 25 years from now. 


We can do this by tapping into our island's two nearly limitless resources in the best possible way.

What are those resources?  

  • The stars above our heads

  • The energy below our feet


Hawaii is the most oil-dependent state in the country and it also has the highest electricity costs. Tapping into our geothermal resource will eliminate our dependence on oil and generate cheaper electricity. 

When we produce our own energy, our island will not be impacted by price swings as oil goes up and down in price. Our businesses will stay open and thrive,  while oil-dependent states will see their businesses suffer and some of them shut down.

We have a great opportunity to become leaders once again, and it starts today.

Our Next Goal

The world is in desperate need of Green Hydrogen, and our Island has the Solution.

Hawaii Island can become the solution to a world wide race towards green hydrogen. 

Here are the baby steps to becoming the green hydrogen hub of the Pacific.

#1 - Create a Special 10 cent kWh Hydrogen Rate. First step is to do a PUC Docket for the request.

#2 - With the lower electricity for Hydrogen, we will then attract a 5 Station Hydrogen Setup. This will jumpstart the Hydrogen Economy.

#3 - With a growing Hydrogen Economy we will need to generate more Green electricity to generate more hydrogen.

#4 - With plenty of hydrogen we can then develop Ammonia for Electricity Generation and for Fertilizers. 

One of our parallel long term goals is to find funding of up to $100 million dollars for research a development to do initial geothermal research to determine where else we can build more geothermal in Hawaii. 


(Past & Future Event Links)

October 22, 2022

Zoom Energy Summit


October 28, 2022

Da Rubbah Slippah Revolution


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“White water coming....

What you gonna do?”

- Pops

Let's Become  World Leaders in
Green Hydrogen

We can become the change.

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